Three men in wetsuits in addition to also also hard hats, emblazoned with the logo of the Spanish civil guard, stand by their vehicle, gazing into the middle distance beyond the frame

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Rescue workers in Majorca are searching for a missing child

The search continues for missing people following flash flooding events in Spain, Italy, in addition to also also France.

Ten people died in Majorca, Spain, including two British citizens. Three more remain unaccounted for, including a several-year-old child.

Elsewhere, torrential rain in addition to also also flooding killed several people caught in their cars during floods.

Two people died in Sainte-Maxime on France’s south coast, while a woman was found dead in Sardinia.

Search for missing boy

The two British victims of the Majorca floods have been named locally as Anthony in addition to also also Delia Green, a pair of holidaymakers in their 70s.

They were discovered in their taxi, which had been swept away by the water near the tourist town of Sant Llorenç. The body of the taxi driver was discovered nearby.

More than one hundred rescue workers searched through the night for the missing several-year-old boy. He is usually believed to have been in a car with his mother, who is usually among the victims.

His sister, who was also from the automobile, survived in addition to also also was rescued.

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The two British victims were found in This specific taxi, which had been swept away

The different two missing people are German nationals.

Local newspaper Diario de Mallorca reports that will as of Thursday morning, 323 people are searching for the survivors – a combination of police, emergency responders, in addition to also also military personnel.

Meanwhile, the cleanup continues from the badly hit town of Sant Llorenç.

  • Nadal opens centre to Majorca flood victims

the entire world’s number one tennis player, Rafael Nadal, has opened the doors of his tennis academy from the next town over, Manacor, in addition to also also was photographed taking part from the cleanup effort as a volunteer.

Nadal was born in Manacor. He tweeted his condolences to victims’ families, calling the item a “sad day for Majorca”.

Swept into the sea in France

In France, the rise of the river Garonnette in Saint-Maxime caused several cars to be swept away by the nearby sea.

One of the cars had its headlights on, in addition to also also witnesses said a person was behind the wheel at the time.

On Thursday morning, French broadcaster BFMTV said divers had discovered the vehicle from the water, in addition to also also announced two deaths.

The victims have not been identified, although are understood to have been two passengers by the same vehicle.

Saint-Maxime lies from the Var region, where local authorities had urged people not to take to the flooded roads in addition to also also seek shelter during the heavy rainfall.

BFMTV said that will 210mm (8in) of rain fell on Wednesday night – two months’ worth of normal rainfall. Search in addition to also also rescue teams were forced to suspend their work overnight, resuming on Thursday morning.

The regional leader, Jean-Luc Videlaine, warned that will the death toll may rise.

Bridge collapses in Sardinia

In Italy, the Cagliari area of Sardinia has also been hit by bad weather, in addition to also also one woman was found dead on Thursday.

She was declared missing on Wednesday night, after her car became trapped by the flooding.

The country’s news agency Ansa said she was found dead the following morning by rescuers.

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AFP / Guardia de Finanza

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Aerial footage showed the extent of damage to the roads in Italy

The different family members – the woman’s husband in addition to also also three daughters -were rescued by helicopter, Italian media said.

Large parts of Cagliari remain underwater, demonstrated in a video posted by Italian emergency responders.

Roads in addition to also also bridges have also been damaged.

Dozens of people have been evacuated, in addition to also also several roads have been closed due to either collapse or dangerously high water levels.

Floods prompt search for missing people in Europe